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Leilani  \lay-LAH-nee\
Why Do Hard Boiled Eggs Smell Like Fart?
08/24/2011 by Leilani

Have you ever wondered why hard boiled eggs smell like fart?  Well, recently I discovered that hard boiled eggs aren’t supposed to smell bad.  Apparently, they only smell bad when you don’t cook them properly, which means I’ve never cooked them properly because my hard boiled eggs always smell bad.  (And they smell really, really bad when you burn them to a crisp, but I won’t get into that.)

I love eggs, especially hard boiled.  Although each egg is just 70 calories, it’s packed with vitamins and minerals, as well as the highest-quality proteins (which, when overcooked, creates an excess of the bad smelling hydrogen sulfide) found in any food.  Eggs contain nutrients that help regulate the brain, nervous system, and cardiovascular system.  The lutein and zeaxanthin are great for your eyes.  And the high sulphur content promotes hair and nail growth.  I know there are concerns about egg’s effects on your cholesterol, but unless you have high cholesterol or a history of heart disease, my doctor says it’s fine to eat eggs regularly (1 or 2 a day).  [NOTE: Please check with your doctor, especially if you have cholesterol issues, to get her or his take on eggs.]

So how do you cook a perfect hard boiled egg?  Or at least one that doesn’t smell like fart?  Here are the step-by-step instructions, along with tips I got from a few friends:

One friend suggested using only farm fresh eggs, preferrably from your own hens.  This is the same friend who raises her own honey bees.  Needless to say, I looked at her like she was crazy.  I won’t be building a chicken coop any time soon, so unless I can make a run to the farmer’s market or organic food store, I’ll most likely be working with the grocery store variety.  If you can get your eggs straight from the hen herself, more power to you.  But if you can’t get your eggs farm fresh, you should still make sure they’re fresh, as in not rotten.  How can you tell?  Rotten eggs float.

Start with room temperature eggs.  If you’re like me and keep your eggs in the fridge, you’ll have to set your eggs out for a bit.  Room temperature eggs won’t crack when boiled.  My eggs always crack, and now I know why. 

Choose a pot or pan that’s big enough to hold the ingredients. 

Add ingredients:  Eggs.  Water.

Use cold water, especially if you skipped the first step and are starting with cold eggs (and you probably are because, like me, you’re too lazy or impatient to set your eggs out at room temperature).  Be sure you submerge all the eggs, leaving about one inch of water above all eggs.

This next step is the key to hard boiled eggs …

Turn on the burner. 
If you forget this step, you’ll keep coming back to check on the eggs and wonder why the water is taking so damn long to boil.

Heat the eggs just until the water boils.  As soon as the water boils, remove the pan from the burner.  (In case you’re curious, if you leave the eggs boiling for, … say, … 45 minutes or so, the eggs turn into charcoal.  At least the bottom halves do.  FYI:  They are no longer edible in this state.)

Once you’ve removed the eggs from burner, cover the pot and allow eggs to finish boiling for about 10 minutes.  Some say 5 minutes, some say 15 minutes, so I’ll split the difference and go with 10 minutes.

Finally, rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process. 

Then peel, season to taste and enjoy your 70 calorie, odorless power food!

2 Responses to Why Do Hard Boiled Eggs Smell Like Fart?

  1. leilani says:

    I’m eggstatic this was helpful. Ha! Thanks for adding the easy peeling tip!

  2. delilah says:

    Thanks Lei–this is very helpful. All this time I thought my egg cooking techniques were flawless. BTW, my struggles with hard-boiled eggs are mostly with the peeling. I heard that submerging them in cold water (you could throw in some ice) once they’re done for a few minutes helps a lot with the peeling. Thanks for the post! It’s eggzactly what the doctor ordered! HA!

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